What people are saying about us

"Excellent HATS by BULLHIDE!!! They rocks!!!"

Carlos Cantatore Murisengo, Italy

"9 years ago today I was blessed with a 7 lb 2 oz bouncing baby boy, Larrmyne Colton. I would have never thought he would be a big fan of country music but I'm so excited. Thanks JCM & Bullhide Hats for making his birthday so special this year"

Raina Lucille Smith Oxford, MS

"J'aime beaucoup le chapeau blanc !"

Karine Meal Guenrouet, PAys De La Loire, France

"I had a premonition that when I checked the Bullhide Hat Co. timeline, I was going to be announced the winner of a Justin Moore edition hat. Then I just realized I have to wait until next week to see my name here! Again, just to remind y'all. I LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE Bullhide Hat Co. and justin Moore!"

Tom Craw

"Just bought a limited edition Justin Moore cowboy hat! can't wait for it to come in!!!"

Kyle Richards

"Its been exciting to be a fan of Justin and course a big fan of yalls... Thanx for the early bday present, i will treasure it forever.."

Steven Bramley

"How do you get your cowboy on?
Wear a Bullhide Hat!"

Tom Craw

"Dear Bullhide Hat Co. My name is Austin Dalton. I just wanted to say what y'all are doing, by giving away hats, it awesome! I've never seen a hat company do something like this, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to try and win one! I will keep trying and supporting y'all! God Bless!!"

Austin Dalton

"I love the hat's y'all make. I'll never forget being at a show in Gulfport and Justin taking off his hat and putting it on Josh Thompson for a pic. Great memories & the grandkids had a blast watching best friend's play an amazing show."

Mary Sue Spears

"Those are kick in the but hat's. . ."

Tony Mattson

"Thank you for the new band to replace the one I lost! (I bought another Bullhide hat to say "Thank you") "

Danelle Joner German

"you have great hats at a great price point . Thanks"


"Hi Hat Co. We're just stopping by to thank you guys for the great service you've provided over the years."

Peters Brothers Hats

"Bullhide is a leader in one-of-a-kind premium western hats! Gotta have 'em!!"

Silver Spur Saddle Shop

"The first two Bullhide hats I purchased 6 years ago were #2120TG Manhattan Tangerine and #2120P Manhattan Pink. I have absolutely LOVED both and have worn them both to death. They are extremely faded and have big worn holes in the crown from putting them on and off. I purchased them years ago from a vendor at MerleFest musical festival in North Carolina and have since purchased 7 more wonderful Bullhide hats from him. I've tried numerous times to replace the Manhattan tangerine and pink hats, but am told by the vendor man that they are no longer available from Montecarlo. Is there any possibility that you could locate these two hats for me in size medium, or find a tangerine color in another close style? I see from your catalog that you do offer several styles in a variety of pink shades, although I like the Manhattan style best.

I am the only female in the entire state of Maine sporting beautiful Bullhide hats on a regular basis from April through November . . . and I get TONS of compliments. I'm a walking advertisement for Bullhide all over New England, as well as travels elsewhere."

Janet Halsey, ME USA

"Hello, my name is Rocky, and I have purchased one of your "McGraw" Bullhide straw hats from a store close to my home in Pidgeon Forge, TN. I absolutely love the hat! It fits my head perfect. I have a 7 1/2-7 5/8 size head, so it is hard to find hats that fit comfortably. Everything about the hat is perfect for me. Even the shape of the brim just fits my hair style and personality."

Rocky McNabb, TN USA.

"I am looking for a cowboy hat for my 4 and 6 year old sons.... love your hats. Can you tell me where I might find a good selection in Huntersville, NC or surrounding area? Need to get a hat for a birthday coming up in 3 weeks. Thanks!"

Kimberly Sprague, NC USA

"My name is Lisa Blackburn and I am interested in purchasing and distributing your products here in Australia. I love your style/range of hats and sadly there are none similar available here in Australia."

Lisa Blackburn, Australia

"I am a Canadian Filmmaker who shot a doc about riding my horse across Canada recently. Though I completed most of my ride in a helmet for safety I finished up the ride wearing your Maple Leaf Straw Cowboy hat (item 2326) This hat has become a key symbol of my ride and I wear it for all events associated with the documentary/ride as a way to promote the film. Recently after only the 3rd time I have worn the hat the maple leaf fell off and I lost it. I need information where to find a replacement to continue promoting my film/your amazing product which I get so many comments on."

Kimber Sider, ON Canada

"Please send me your dealers for the terri clark collection for the following zip codes-37922, 37801 and 30152. I definetely love these hats!!! Thanks for your time!"

Beth, TN USA